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Hyeon and Coles


Hyeon and Coles


Our Team

A collective of passionate, diligent students dedicated to building a more inclusive Colgate for all.


Hyeon Jeong

Hi! My name is Hyeon Jeong. I was born in Busan, South Korea, but I have been living in Cape Town, South Africa since I was nine years old. I am running for President because I care about making this campus safer and more accessible for us all, and I believe that I can bring important perspectives to the President’s role as a person of color and as an international student. I have always sought to collaborate with other students for the good of Colgate’s campus throughout my time here: whether it was in SGA, Link Staff, Konosioni, Yes Means Yes, or the Sexual Violence Prevention Task Force. I will bring the same energy and sincerity to my role as President. With an excellent campaign team and a thoughtful platform that focuses on planning more sustainable initiatives, creating more collaborative social hosting policies, and preventing sexual violence, Coles and I are ready to do work. Vote for Hyeon and Coles to bring about real and critical change!

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Coles Romaine

Hello, for those who do not know me my name is Coles Romaine and I am a junior here at Colgate from Franklin Lakes, NJ. The past three years at Colgate taught me how special and rare this campus is, but also showed me the problems that exist on our campus. In order to address these pressing and multifaceted issues, I chose to run for Vice President under Hyeon Jeong. My involvement within the Colgate Community has included the 2018 Class Council, Students for Environmental Action, Beta Theta Pi, and Colgate’s Alpine Ski Team. The major aspect of our campaign that I hope to focus on in the upcoming year if elected is developing a system where SGA representatives facilitate social discussions between all student organizations at Colgate, to foster a more inclusive and collaborative social atmosphere. Hyeon and I have the experience and drive to bring forth actionable and necessary changes. I am truly committed to community involvement and outreach, and will support and empower all students to the best of my ability.

Katherine, JJ and Nick

Katherine, JJ and Nick


Katherine Malhame

Hello everyone! My name is Katherine Malhame, and I am a junior from Garden City, New York.  I am an Economics major, and minor in History and Women’s Studies. On campus, I am involved in the Women’s Lacrosse team, Konosioni, SGA as the Executive Athletic Advisor, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Finance Club, and Whites in Conversation. I wholeheartedly support and am proud to be a part of this team because I know that we can, with the support of the student body, enact the change that Colgate needs. Hyeon and Coles are doing more than recognizing problems by actively seeking and working towards making Colgate a more inclusive and accepting community. I am excited for the positive changes that are to come for Colgate and how these two will work to make Colgate a safe space for all. Moreover, I am especially looking forward to seeing changes in student life, which improve the lives of women, and gender nonconforming individuals in our community. I will vote for Hyeon and Coles because they are dedicated, accountable, aware, and passionate, and I trust that they will make our home, Colgate, better. Do you want to make change, together, with Hyeon and Coles?  


jj citron

Hi everyone! My name is JJ Citron and I am a first year from Baltimore, MD. I am proud to be a senator representing the class of 2020, political commentary writer for the Maroon News, and a mentor for the Sidekicks program. I am also interested in starting a dialogue about sexual assault prevention and response on campus; I recently hosted a speaker to discuss cultivating sexual respect on campus. I support Hyeon and Coles because of their commitment to reforming sexual assault education. Specifically, I am most enthusiastic about the dedication that Hyeon and Coles have for improving the way sexual assault prevention is taught during freshman year orientation.


nick hamilton

Hi everyone! My name is Nick Hamilton and I am in my third year at Colgate from West Caldwell, New Jersey. I am majoring in Political Science and minoring in Economics, and I am also an athlete on our Track and Field team. I am incredibly excited to be a part of the campaign team for Hyeon and Coles! I have known both of them for a number of years; through my friendships with them, I have been able to see their compassion, dedication, and service to the members of this community. As such, I am confident that we have developed a thoughtful platform that addresses serious challenges present at Colgate. Hyeon and Coles are dedicated to making this campus safer and more accessible for all. I am proud of their commitment to reforming sexual assault education, as well as their desire to cultivate a collaborative social hosting environment. I firmly believe that Hyeon and Coles are the right people to ignite critical change to the Colgate community. Vote Hyeon and Coles!


Cheyenne, Max and Alexa

Cheyenne, Max and Alexa


Cheyenne Brown

Hello everyone. I am Cheyenne Brown, a junior from Dayton, New Jersey. I am a Biology major and Sociology minor. I am a member of Women’s Varsity Tennis, Mosaics-Multicultural Group, Delta Delta Delta, and Information and Technology Services here at Colgate. Additionally, I have been a part of the Latin American Student Organization, MadCrafts, and Advocates. I joined Hyeon and Coles campaign team for a variety of reasons, but I believe their platform addresses many important issues on Colgate’s campus. It promotes inclusivity as well as social cohesion and encourages a collaborative effort to improve aspects within our community. I particularly appreciate the aim to support POC and women in their various fields, and create department ambassadors to act as peer advisors. It is essential to not only bring attention to the issues on campus, but to work together to tackle them. With that being said, I strongly believe that Hyeon and Coles are more than qualified to assume the role of Student Government President and Vice President and represent you.


Max Michael

Jacksonville, FL is my hometown. I’m a member of the Bicentennial Class of 2019, Varsity Swim and Dive team, Phi Kappa Tau fraternity, and Community Leader staff. I joined Hyeon and Coles’ campaign because they really are trying to make Colgate a better place for all. They understand that we need to become a more inclusive institution. I think it is important that we are not overlooking any members of our community. We need to do a better job looking after our international students, especially in our current political environment.



Alexa de alessandrini

Hi everybody!! My name is Alexa de Alessandrini, and I’m a Senior from Scarsdale, New York.  At Colgate, I am an International Relations major, Educational Studies minor, and a woman in progress.  I have learned a lot at Colgate over these years, and in so many ways, that learning has occurred largely outside of the classroom.  On campus I sing with the Colgate Dischords, have participated and served on the board of Gamma Phi Beta, and currently act as Chair of Community Outreach for Konosioni’s Madison County Gives.  What I care about at Colgate is CARE.  Care for the ever-growing variety of identities, spirits, and bodies on this campus, and how we all interact with one another.  As a White woman coming into and continuing to navigate Colgate with so much privilege, I am grappling with how to create and exude authentic care, in a meaningful way.  I am hopeful that the platform, vision, and work of Hyeon and Coles will better form a culture of care on this campus, such that people will move beyond the divisiveness and hurt that is in many ways perpetuated here.  As students we need to move forward, together (#realchangetogether!!), as so much of Colgate life exists in separated or polarized spaces.


Sally, Dzenan and Enrique

Sally, Dzenan and Enrique


Sally ngoje

Hi everyone! My name is Sally Ngoje and I’m member of the Bicentennial Class of 2019 from South Orange, NJ. I’m a Sociology major and intend to minor in Educational Studies. Here at Colgate I’m involved in the all-female a cappella group, The Swinging Gates, along with other musical showcases and ensembles. As a first generation American student, I am cognizant of the many divisions across Colgate’s campus. I’m also a person who to loves meeting and interacting with new people, regardless of their background, affiliation, or positionality in the Colgate community. I think it’s important that we foster greater social cohesion on this campus and because of this I truly appreciate Hyeon and Coles’ dedication toward creating more inclusive and collaborative spaces across the community. Beyond this, Hyeon and Coles genuinely want to tackle some of the greater issues that this campus is facing and give a voice to every one of Colgate’s students. I believe in their mission and am confident that they have both the grit and dedication to get the job done! Vote Hyeon and Coles!!!


dzenan celjo

Hey everyone! My name is Dzenan and I am a member of the first-year class. I’m from Bosnia and Herzegovina but grew up on the North Side of Chicago. As a first generation American and college student, I really appreciate the vision Hyeon and Coles both have to make Colgate a more inclusive space for all members of the Colgate community. As an SGA senator who has written more bills and resolutions this year than almost anyone else, I strongly believe these two have what it takes to make real and actionable change here at Colgate. Hyeon and Coles are two of the most passionate and engaged members of the Colgate community that I have met in my short time here. We need leaders who will be a voice for everyone, and who are not afraid to talk about and tackle serious issues that we face as a student body. There are no two leaders I would trust more in doing so than Hyeon and Coles.


enrique nunez

Hey y’all! My name is Enrique Nunez and I am a sophomore from San Antonio, Texas. I am an International Relations major and intend to minor in Educational Studies, outside of academics my campus involvement includes being a proud member of the First Generation Initiative, Link Staff, the Latin American Student Organization, 2019 Class Council and Greek Life. I have made strides to be more engaged with the community down the hill by working with the Hamilton County office through the COVE and also by participating in a COVE service trip over Spring Break. As I have navigated Colgate’s campus over the past two years I have grown a passion to advocate for better spaces for people of color and different minority groups on campus. I am excited to be a part of Hyeon and Coles campaign team because I believe in their mission to create a more inclusive space for everyone on this campus as well as their belief to ensure transparency and accountability between student life and Colgate’s administration. Vote Hyeon and Coles!


Tolu and Andrew

Tolu and Andrew


tolu emokpae

Hi all! My name is Tolu and I'm from Hagerstown, MD. I'm involved in senate, Mantiphondrakes, and the Dining Advisory Committee. I'm so excited to be a member of this team because of Hyeon and Coles's dedication to improving interactions between Greek and non-Greek organizations.


Andrew xavier Vallejos

Hi friends! My name is Andrew Vallejos. I’m in the class of 2018 from Elmsford, New York. I am a cellular neuroscience major. I’m involved in a few things here. I am the President of Brothers, member of the ALANA and the curriculum committee, and the Vice-President of IFC. I dance in Latin American Dance,  I act in Experimental Theater Company and Goosebeak. I am also a brother of Theta Chi. I am passionate about helping other people and have actively used my positions of power to help people of color on campus. My passion in community building and helping others is the reason why I have decided to work on Hyeon and Coles’ campaign. Their leadership has the potential to make real change in ways that would make campus safer and more comfortable for everyone. Hyeon and Coles understand that their if they are elected they hold the responsibility of listening and leading for everyone, even if they do not identify with them. They are kind and receptive. They listen. I trust them.