Social Hosting, Sexual Assault and Academics

Our Platform.


Social Hosting, Sexual Assault and Academics

Our Platform.

Inclusive Social Hosting

●      Foster greater collaborative events between Greek and non-Greek organizations

●      Streamline social hosting policies for non-Greek organizations

●      Create a programming position for all student organizations on campus in order to more readily collaborate social events

●      Prompt greater usage of Colgate facilities up the hill for student organizations

Sexual Violence Prevention


●      Install the MVP Program for D1 Athletics and Greek Life

●      Establishment of Positive Sexuality Liaison positions for D1 Athletics and Greek Life

●      Guarantee the effectiveness of the Emergency Blue Light System

●      Revision of First Year Orientation training programs regarding sexual violence prevention and alcohol to ensure efficacy of the programs

●      Ensure first responders, such as Campus Safety, are being trained to acknowledge, support, and respond to cases of sexual assault in accordance with their training

●      Ensure the running of the SANE nurse program by Fall 2017

●      Create collaborative leadership meetings under Haven for sexual violence prevention/positive sexuality groups

●      Keep the Colgate Sexual Violence Prevention Action Plan website updated


●      Run an awareness campaign for more POC and female tenureships in departments, especially STEM

●      Encourage more female writers in CORE curriculum, especially in Challenges

●      Create department ambassadors who can function as peer advisors

●      Connect current students to alumni in their departments to explore career option

Student Life, International Students and Sustainability

Student Life, International Students and Sustainability

Student Life

●      Provide free tampons and pads in every female and gender neutral bathroom

●      Establishment of gender neutral bathrooms in every Colgate building

●      Improve access to counseling and psychiatric care by pushing for more POC counselors and easier access to a psychiatrist

●      Create more campus transparency and accountability by establishing a monthly Town Hall between students and administration

●      Host more collaborative tailgates to encourage game attendance

●      Create game-time cruiser schedules to get people down the hill to the Field House

●      Bring Philo (free HBOGO) to Colgate

●      Refashion the GetInvolved website to ensure students are able to effectively submit events, apply for BAC funding, and engage with possible events of interest.

●      Free condoms handed out by CLs

International Student Policy

●      Create an International Student space

●      Create a carpool system for international students (Pigeon Carpooling)

●      Hold Brown Bags for first-year international students on US college adjustment including topics such as culture shock, Greek life, discrimination

Environmental Sustainability

●      Encourage the use of environmentally friendly cups

●      Further promote the use of reusable food containers across campus

●      Practical recycling bins in all Colgate buildings

●      Discounts for coffee in reusable containers

●      Develop further discussions with Chartwells regarding meat waste

●      Motion-sensored lights in all academic buildings